Our three-year project “Adolescent Empowerment” in collaboration with NGO: SMVS got completed this year with positive outcome and impact.

Project Objective:
– Anaemia Reduction and Awareness
– Awareness and Improvement of Personal Hygiene
– Improvement of Menstrual Hygiene
– Awareness on Addiction and Health Hazards of Tobacco
– Savings Programme: Teaching adolescent the art of saving money
– Awareness on Sexual Harassment
– Vocational Training
– Reading Library in Villages

Over a period of time, our team worked with community members in five villages and 42 schools in Jhagadia, Gujarat, to improve the quality of their lives. Our target groups were young girls and boys between the age groups of 10-19 in rural and tribal areas of Jhagadia in south Gujarat, including dropouts/ non-school going children. In case of schools, we covered students from class 7 to class 10.

Impact of the initiative [refer table below]:
– Anaemia reduction: 26% for girls, 22% boys
– Menstrual hygiene: Falalin usage by adolescent girls – 95%
– Personal Hygiene Awareness: 90% using soaps for handwashing & 93% using nail cutter
– Addiction Awareness and health hazards of tobacco: 113 Boys and 56 Girls covered for awareness and out of which 13 boys and 6 girls quit tobacco
– Vocational Training: 55 adolescents enrolled for different training out of which 25 are working and earning an average of ` 3000/- per month
– Awareness on sexual harassment motivated students from a school in Jhagadia to form sexual harassment committee to stop this menace.

Galaxy Surfactants - Adolescent Empowerment